Insurance & Pricing

The Right Program, At The Right Price

At Arizona Health and Wellness, all of our weight loss programs are tailored to each patient, so price and insurance coverage will vary. However, meal replacements typically cost patients between $11-$15.00 per day depending on the type of meal replacement and how many meal replacements are used each day.

Keep in mind these meal replacements take the place of your current food costs.

Pricing Information

One Time Initial Start Up Fee: $179 which includes

  • Personalized Program Binder with handouts
  • Shaker Cups
  • Food Journal

Initial Provider Visit

This initial visit is approximately 60 minutes and billed to insurance. Self-pay pricing is $110-165 pending complexity of past medical issues.

Weekly Program Fees

(weigh in, assessment, and group support session)
Weekly educational visits will be billed through insurance using your preventative services benefits. Many commercial insurance plans cover 12-26 visits annually. Once max visits are met, further weekly visits will be the patient’s responsibility based on specific insurance plan. Self-pay pricing for weekly education classes is $25.00.

Monthly Provider Follow Up

Monthly provider visits will be billed through insurance and subject to copay. Self-pay pricing for monthly provider visits is $65.00

Product Fees

Because our programs use a high protein meal replacement as your complete or main source of nutrition and because the amount of meal replacements required daily varies patient-to-patient, meal replacement costs may vary. The amount of meal replacements is medically determined for each patient and is a requirement while on the diet. That said, most patients will pay only between $11.55 and $15.00 per day for meal replacements! Keep in mind this is your total source of nutrition, replacing your current food costs.

Meal Replacements (7 meals per box): $26

Snack Bars (7 bars per box): $12.00

Arizona Health and Wellness is proud to be credentialed with many commercial insurance carriers, including Medicare. * HSA and FSA will cover for certain services

Insurance Information

Our physicians are currently in-network for the following insurers:

  • Medicare
  • UHC
  • BCBS
  • AARP
  • GEHA
  • GHI
  • BEECH STREET (Multiplan)
  • PHCS


Be sure to check your Marketplace plan to ensure your network plan is contracted with our tax ID.   Remember, your experience at Arizona Health and Wellness is unique because your journey is physician-led and completely safe. For more information and to see if you’re eligible please contact our office at 602-251-3122.