#1 Active Weight Loss

Active Phase is the first phase in our approach to improving your overall health. During this phase, you’ll meet with our medical providers on a regular basis as discussed at your initial consultation. During these visits you and your medical provider will discuss potential use of FDA approved anti-obesity medication, review nutrition and physical activity goals, and closely monitor chronic medical conditions, review laboratory results, adjust mediations as needed, and assess goals.

Every patient is different, and depending on your complexity of chronic medical conditions and body mass index (BMI) goal, you may be in the active weight loss phase for 2-5 months.

#2 Transition

Your transition phase happens when you and your medical provider feel you are close to achieving goal improvement in chronic medical conditions and BMI goals. This 6 week period includes regular meetings with your medical provider to review your progress. During this phase, calorie intake and physical activity are typically increased, with a focus on healthy and whole foods. Medications will continue to be monitored at this time and adjusted as needed.

#3: Maintenance

Our practice considers the maintenance phase to be critical, because most of the work is done independently. While each patient will still have access to free weekly weigh-ins, doctor visits are slowly tapered off. By now, each patient has learned new skills to help them maintain their weight loss, and the maintenance portion of the program encourages you to utilize the tools you’ve learned to keep your healthy lifestyle. You may continue on FDA approved anti-obesity medication long term if clinically indicated.


Are you at your heaviest weight? Tired of taking dozens of medication? Ready for a change? The New Direction Plan includes help and encouragement during every stage of the process.

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

This plan is for patients who have greater than 40 pounds to lose. The VLCD program is a physician-monitored, ketogenic program that utilizes meal replacement as the sole source of nutrition during the active weight loss phase.

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Low Calorie Diet (LCD)

The LCD plan is used with patients with 40 pounds or less weight to lose and involves meal replacement as well as healthy and whole grocery foods to lose weight at a steady and healthy pace.

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Even More Weight Loss Options To Help You Succeed

Arizona Health & Wellness offers a program for anyone, at any stage of life.

20 Express Program

If you want to jumpstart you health with a quick, 20-pound weight loss the 20 Express program will help you lose weight quickly and comfortably. The 20 Express program includes:


  • Ongoing medical support (including medical screening and weekly medical visits)
  • Custom programs that help you lose weight without hunger
  • No pressure, no contracts
  • An accelerated program that takes 4-6 weeks


The Mobile Weight Loss Mentor Program


Need to lose 20 pounds but don’t have time to commit to the full program? Arizona Health and Wellness offers an online coaching experience that includes:

  • Encouragement and guidance from weight loss physicians
  • Daily emails
  • Food plans
  • Workout plans

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