What To Expect

At our clinic, your weight loss journey is physician-led to ensure your goals are met healthily, with a plan custom fit for your lifestyle and medical history.

Your First Visit Will Include:


  • Detailed medical history evaluation, including details of your weight loss journey. Where have you had successes? Where have you had failures?
  • Comprehensive physical evaluation and blood testing.
  • Goal setting. Where do YOU want to go?
  • Meal planning. FDA appetite suppressants are prescribed on a needs basis.
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Your Follow Up Visits Will Include:


  • We want to make sure you’re losing the right amount of weight for your body and your lifestyle.
  • Food journal review
  • Weight tracking
  • Follow up with your physician to answer your questions and concerns.
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Remember, your experience at Arizona Health and Wellness is unique because your journey is physician-led and completely safe. For more information and to see if you’re eligible please contact our office at 602-251-3122.