OMA Principles of Success

Obesity Medical Association

Arizona Health & Wellness commits to the following principles of success:


  1. Maintain patient welfare above all.
  2. Provide adequate and truthful information to the patient and obtain informed consent when suggesting therapeutic interventions.
  3. Respect patient confidentiality and reveal confidential data only when required by law.
  4. Cooperate fully with other physicians and provide medical records to aid patient care.
  5. Improve public awareness and concern for obesity as a disease.
  6. Stay current as to new medical treatments and information relevant to bariatric medicine.
  7. Exemplify personally the healthy lifestyle.
  8. Avoid value judgments concerning patient’s behavior.
  9. Prescribe anorectic agents only when part of a comprehensive program.
  10. Refrain from marketing materials that deceive the public and deviate from acceptable medical care.
  11. Maintain licensure and consider membership in local and state societies.
  12. Report violations of state or federal law.
  13. Not engage in inappropriate personal relationships with patients.
  14. Comply with state and federal laws.
  15. Comply with the ASBP Bariatric Practice Guidelines.

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